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  • January 24, 2021
Chelsea Green appears on WWE television

WWE superstar Chelsea Green took to Instagram this weekend and delighted her 552,000 followers with a photo of herself at the beach wearing very little.

In the snap, the Friday Night SmackDown superstar ascended from the ocean, flaunting her sun-kissed abs and enviable legs. She wore a tiny red strapless bikini, coupled with matching bottoms that were tied at the sides.

The swimming attire accentuated Green’s muscles and athletic physique, which she’s been working hard for at the gym lately while she’s been recovering from an arm injury.

Green’s wavy brown hair hung to the left side of her body as she gazed into the camera, boasting a mysterious expression on her face. The expression also highlighted her full lips and high cheekbones.

The blue sea and sky were visible in the background, which only added more beauty to the shot. However, it was the Friday Night SmackDown superstar who captured most of the attention in the snap.

Green revealed that the picture was taken in Clearwater Beach, Florida. In the accompanying, the wrestler shared some fruit emojis and left their meaning open to interpretation.

Her fans had some words to share in the comments section, though. Over 13,000 have hit the like button at the time of this writing, and many of her admirers also took the time to send the wrestler a compliment.

“Red looks good on you,” gushed one Instagram follower.

“Damn, looking like Queen of Seven Seas,” stated a second Instagram user.

“It’s winter on the northern hemisphere. I wonder where you are swimming at,” noted a third Instagrammer.

Some of Green’s admirers also wished her a speedy recovery and stated that they can’t wait to see her back on television.

As The Inquisitr previously documented, she was injured during her main roster debut earlier this month. The timing of the incident was unfortunate as she’s spent the majority of 2020 off of television screens.

Green was reportedly set to debut on the main roster months ago. Unfortunately, WWE’s creative team had nothing for her throughout the year and she was forced to bide her time.

However, she’s still been active on social media during her television hiatus, which has satisfied her fans in the meantime. The brunette bombshell has also spent a lot of hours at the beach in recent weeks.

Earlier this week, Green shared another photo of herself in the ocean, sporting a very flattering swimsuit and posing for the camera.

(Kieran Fisher / INQUISITR)

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