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  • January 24, 2021
Model and former Playboy TV host Melissa Riso poses for a selfie that was posted on Instagram

Playboy TV alum and model Melissa Riso continues to establish herself as one of Instagram’s more alluring personalities. With her post on Sunday night, the former MMA ring girl and actress proved once again that she has the ability to entrance her 1.2 million followers without relying on her pretty face.

Riso capped off the weekend by updating her timeline with a stunning, rear-view snap of herself in a lacy, blue lingerie set which left little to the imagination. And while her curly, raven-colored hair obscured much of her upper body, her famously pert derrière was prominently displayed near the lower edge of the frame. All the while, the thong that graced it acted as little more than an afterthought in the shot.

The 33-year-old captioned her sexy share by writing that she was simply there to admire the painting that hung on the wall she faced. She also utilized the caption to advertise some exclusive content hosted by a well-known influencer and social media marketing agency.

In spite of the post’s commercial nature, Riso’s adoring masses seemingly fell head over heels for the provocative presentation. In less than a half-hour after it went live, the picture had already racked up its first 2,000 likes. Riso was shown a significant amount of love in the comments section as well.

“Now that…is a work of art [peach emoji],” wrote one impassioned commenter.

“It’s not the painting I’m admiring,” confessed a second supporter.

“Omg,” raved a third devotee. “You’re one of the sexiest women I have ever followed! Love your positive attitude.”

“@melissariso My God your butt is too beautiful,” noted a fourth fan of Riso’s form.

With a large painting featuring multiple shadowy, umbrella-wielding figures dominating the background, Riso owned the foreground in the medium-wide shot. Although the scene wasn’t brightly lit, her olive-hued skin along her arms and lower back was still highlighted as the photo was snapped.

Her gorgeous curls gave off a similar luster as well, as her hair blanketed her shoulders and upper back. Only a hint of her bra’s back straps could be seen through the thick, wavy strands.

The former Bad Ass host posed with her legs slightly parted and her hands resting on her hips. Her compact posterior looked shapely in the shot, which also showcased her sculped thighs.

Riso offered a clear view of the front side of her taut, athletic body in another lacy lingerie set earlier this week. Although her bra and panties were a lighter shade of blue in that update, they matched her latest offering in terms of sheer sex appeal.

(Ryan Aston / INQUISITR)

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