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  • March 6, 2021
Kelsie Jean. INSTAGRAM

Kelsie Jean Smeby looked white-hot in black in a set of two photos that she posted to Instagram on Tuesday. The model rocked a bikini that left little for her 794,000 followers to imagine, but she used her caption to advise them to use their minds.

Kelsie, 25, chose to pose in an earthy setting. She stood in front of a craggy stone wall that was various shades of brown. Its copper tones complemented her bronze tan. The rock glistened as if it were wet. There was also falling water visible in the foreground of her first photo, as if she were posing behind a waterfall.

Kelsie wore a black bikini top with triangle cups that smoothly covered her generous bust. In lieu of strings, thick gold chains formed the piece’s halter neck. They gently pulled her ample assets up to enhance her cleavage. Shorter, more delicate chains were attached to the sides of the cups, and they followed the curves of her breasts.

The influencer’s bottoms were a slinky side-tie thong. Kelsie wore its strings tied in bows that were pulled up to her waist. When she faced the camera, she showed off her stomach’s cinched-in look. Its slender shape was further accentuated by the contrasting swells of her shapely hips.

Kelsie’s long, toned legs also commanded attention. She pointed the toes of her left foot and crossed it in front of her right, which made her stems look longer while making her hips appear even curvier.

She accessorized with a gold chain necklace and oversize hoop earrings. Her dark hair was pushed behind her shoulders so that it spilled down her back in shining waves. A few pieces of hair had blown in front of her face when her picture was snapped, and one of them appeared to be stuck to her plump pout. However, she kept her lips pressed together, her piercing blue eyes open, and her hands down at her sides.

Kelsie’s second photo showed her posing to the side with her arms stretched up in the air. It was cropped in closer on her flawless form. The angle gave fans a good look at her toned glutes, and it included a glimpse of sideboob.

In her caption, the model shared some brief thoughts about the “infinite” power of the mind.

“Beautiful shape,” read one response to her post.

“Give us a break this is to much hotness for one week,” another fan wrote in the comments section.

Earlier in the week, the brunette bombshell shared a photo of herself flaunting her backside in a semi-sheer dress.

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