• Lebanon - Beirut
  • April 15, 2021
Editor In-Chief Jamal Demloj

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Lebanese journalist dealing with Media, Politics, and Public Affairs since 1977.


Jamal Demloj covering ‘Lebanese Front’ Summit, Ehden, Northern Lebanon, August 1977


A correspondent in Northern Lebanon: ‘Assafir’ daily newspaper (1977–1980).

Editor in Arabic Affairs: ‘Al-Kifah Al-Arabi’ weekly magazine (1980–1981).


Editor in International Affairs: ‘Al-Moukif Al-Arabi’ weekly magazine (1981–1982).

Editor in Arabic & International Affairs: ‘Falasine Al-Mohtalla’ weekly magazine (1983–1986).

Editor-In-Chief: ‘Al-Rabita’ weekly magazine (1986–1988).

A correspondent in Nicosia: ‘Al-Hayat’ daily newspaper (1988–1990).

Producer of Arabic department: ‘CyBC’ (1990–1991).

United Kingdom 

Jamal Demloj, Nabil Negm eldin, and Orfan Arab at BBC Television Center, May 1995

Editor in Arabic Affairs: ‘Al-Sharq Al-Awsat’ daily newspaper (1991–1992).

Broadcast Journalist: ‘MBC’ (1992–1994).

Senior Producer of Business News: ‘BBC’ (1994–1996).

The Balkan  

Jamal Demloj and Marinis Aktipis in Macedonia, 1999

Field Reporter covering Cyprus, Greece, Albania, and Yugoslavia: ‘Al-Jazeera Satellite Channel’ (1997–1999).

Russian Federation

Jamal Demloj in Chechen Republic, May 2000

A correspondent in Moscow: ‘Abu Dhabi Channel’ (2000 – 2002). He had also duty trips to Chechnya, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

A correspondent in Moscow: ‘Al-Arabiya Channel’ (2002 – 2003).


Jamal Demloj preparing to launch ‘Orient TV’, October 2010

Senior Writer/Reporter based in Dubai Media City: ‘Al-Arabiya Channel’ (2003 – 2006). He had also duty trips to Iraq, Bahrain, Pakistan, and Cuba.

Chief of News department: ‘DM TV’ (2007 – 2009).

Chief of News department: ‘Orient TV’ (2010 – 2011).

Back to Lebanon

Since the so-called ‘Arab’s Spring’ began in 2011, and following his resignation from Orient TV, he has decided not to be involved in Arabic Media unless if he will be hosted as an expert in Middle Eastern, Russians, and International Affairs.

Jamal Demloj in a live interview from Beirut

In May 2013, he returned back to Lebanon after he spent 32 years of his professional life as an immigrant.

In August 2013, he published his first book under the title: ‘Asnam Sahibat Al Jalala’ (The Idols of Her Majesty).

In February 2015, he published his first poetry book under the title: ‘Marabe’e Ishk’ (Gardens of Love).

In November 2015, he published his favorite book under the title: ‘Al Putinya’ (The Putinism).

Between May 2015 and June 2018, he wrote more than 600 Political Analysis, most of them on Russian Affairs, for ‘Mon Liban’, ‘Lebanon 24’, and ‘Eurabia’ News Websites.


In June 2019, he established ‘Salamouna Post’ website in Beirut, aiming to encourage people talking in Arabic to take ‘Salam’ as choice and target under the slogan: ‘In Peace We Trust’, and he had recently established ‘J.D. News’ in English hoping to achieve the same goal.